There are several unlikable characters on “Mad Men,” but they’re more of the “love to hate” kind of people. We may sneer at them, but in the end, we’re kind of partial to them.
Lou Avery is not one of those characters. In fact, there seems to be little love for Don Draper’s replacement so far in Season 7. He may be the most hated character on the show ever. But actor Allan Havey actually has a long career as a comedian. 
In our “Mad Men” Throwback Thursday, we bring you Allan Havey in 1990, on the Comedy Channel’s (a precursor to Comedy Central) late-night show “Night After Night,” recounting some moments on the road before introducing fellow comedian George Wallace. 
Oh that mullet! All the love, Allan. We miss the ’90s too.
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Posted by:Kiley Thompson