What would “Mad Men” look like if someone removed all of the cigarette smoking and replaced it with party horns? Ellen DeGeneres has given us the answer in this ridiculous video.

Friday (Nov. 22) is the Great American Smokeout, a day in which smokers are urged to give up the habit for at least the one day. Considering how much smoking occurs on “Mad Men,” it’s almost like the holiday was made specifically for the period drama.

In order to make this both clear and hilarious, “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” created a montage video in which Don Draper (Jon Hamm) smokes some of his beloved cigarettes. Only in this version, the tobacco is gone. Party horns — complete with sound effects — take the place of cigarettes.

There’s only one problem with this video: After you watch it, is it going to be possible to ever watch “Mad Men” without thinking about the sound effects?

It’s still worth it.

Posted by:Laurel Brown