If you’re familiar with “A to Z” star Ben Feldman, it’s probably through his “Mad Men” role of Michael Ginsberg, the young and odd copywriter who has been an ad agency fixture since Season 5. That somewhat dark role is very different from Feldman’s new starring part as Andrew in the romantic comedy, “A to Z.”

Zap2it talked to Feldman about the new role — which hopefully does not involve any “Mad Men”-esque mutilation — during the NBC Upfronts in New York City.

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In the new show, Feldman plays half of a possibly fated couple, opposite Cristin Milioti’s (“How I Met Your Mother”) Zelda. Both masculine and super-romantic, Andrew looks like a lot of fun. Surprisingly, however, Feldman wasn’t necessarily looking for a romantic comedy role.

“I didn’t necessarily want to do a romantic comedy — I just wanted to be in something good,” Feldman admits. “And it really, really is. I got really, really lucky. My old show put me in a place where I got to be slightly more picky with the things that I read this year. This is a great show! It’s a pilot that everybody was really into, and I just got real lucky that they wanted me in it.”

One of the things that perhaps drew Feldman to the part is that “A to Z” takes a slightly different route than most television to get to its romance.

“I wouldn’t compare it to other shows. I would compare it to the happiest, warmest romantic comedy movie that you saw in the ’90s,” the actor explains. “There’s something that’s sort of new and different about the way this show, the way we sort of view this relationship. But at the same time, it feels like that sort of traditional, warm, happy feeling that we get from one of those movies.”

“From A to Z” will air Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT on NBC, starting this fall.

Posted by:Laurel Brown