jon hamm ask a grown man 'Mad Men's' Jon Hamm gives advice to teenage girls: 'You're probably all too young to watch'If Jon Hamm ever has a daughter, we have a feeling she’ll be in good hands.

The “Mad Men” star is the latest celeb to take part in Rookie magazine‘s Ask a Grown Man series, in which guys (previous Grown Men include Paul Rudd and B.J. Novak) field questions about life, love and boys from teenage girls. You can watch Hamm’s video at the end of this post.

Sporting his post-season beard and a St. Louis Cardinals T-shirt, the one-time high school teacher offers advice that basically boils down to: Be yourself, and don’t worry too much about the little stuff. A sampling:

Is it gross if a girl accidentally farts in front of her significant other?

“I was under the impression girls never farted. … Farting is farting — everybody farts. Go read that book ‘Everybody Poops.’ It’s the same thing.”

My boyfriend isn’t interested in moving as fast as I am. Is there something wrong with him?
“If it’s making out — then he should want to do that. It’s super fun. If it’s having sex, then there’s other things to deal with, so he’s probably right in saying slow your roll. … Use your best judgment, or talk to somebody who has better judgment.”

Do guys get the same kind of stomach-knotting crushes girls do?
“The answer, quite simply, is absolutely. Because we’re human beings.”

Hamm closes by saying he hopes his answers helped a little. “I’m 41 years old. That doesn’t mean you have to pay attention to me, but it’s, you know, probably in your best interest. You’re probably all too young to watch ‘Mad Men,’ so, I don’t know, enjoy ‘The Hunger Games.’

Here’s the video:

Posted by:Rick Porter