madeline brewer oct 2013 gi Madeline Brewer on missing 'Orange Is The New Black,' awkward 'Degrassi' obsessionMadeline Brewer is switching gears on Netflix original series. After her run as Tricia Miller on “Orange Is The New Black,” the 21-year-old landed a role in “Hemlock Grove” Season 2 playing a graphic novelist who visits the town.

During a set visit for “Hemlock Grove,” Zap2it had a chance to chat with Brewer about her time on “Orange Is The New Black.” Both shows are currently shooting their second seasons, and she seemed genuinely sad the black comedy is filming without her.

“Of course I miss ‘Orange,'” Brewer says. “I miss it a lot because it was my first thing and I got to know so many people. I spent a lot of time with it and I spent a lot of energy on it. Like, I was constantly thinking about it.”

Though “OITNB” Season 2 will move on without Tricia, Brewer still has nothing but loving things to say about her former costars. “They’re all so talented and funny,” she gushes. She promises to try to bring that cast’s social media-happy style to “Hemlock Grove,” joking, “They’re never not on Instagram.”

Though Brewer’s “Hemlock” character is very different from Tricia, she jokingly created a potential connection between the two shows to explain how this new character ends up in Hemlock Grove.

“She’s escaped jail, she’s put on a new persona, she’s gotten through … witness protection, even though I don’t know if you can actually do that if you’re an escaped convict. Now she’s traveling across country as far away from Litchfield as she can get,” Brewer quips.

Since these two Netflix projects are the first things to catapult Brewer into stardom, she is embracing the fame experience. She still welcomes fans who stop her on the street to talk to her, and says she’s as excited about meeting them as they are about meeting her.

“They’re like fangirling over me and I’m fangirling over the fact they’re fangirling over me and we’re all just like freaking out, so excited,” she says with a laugh.

Brewer did some fangirling of her own when she first got to the “Hemlock Grove” set. She had the chance to meet costar Landon Liboiron, who plays werewolf Peter Rumancek on Netflix’s supernatural drama. But he’s arguably better known for his time on cult Canadian teen drama “Degrassi” as Declan Coyne, and his connection to the show got Brewer a bit excited.

“I was obsessed with ‘DeGrassi.’ I kind of told him, ‘Yeah, yeah, I really liked it,’ but I was like obsessed with it. I watched it all the time,” Brewer admits. “There was a time there where my brother and I, I don’t know how we ended up watching it; there was like marathons on all the time or something in the summer, there was like 24-hour marathons and I would stay up all night in the summer. My brother and I would watch it and we ended up just starting to stay ‘Sorry’ [in a Canadian accent] to each other. Like, ‘What’s up, sorry.'”

For now, Brewer is just enjoying the experience of suddenly being thrust into fame. Because of the way Netflix premieres its original content, viewers’ awareness of Brewer as an actress literally came overnight.

“The only people who knew I was the show were people I know and people on the show, and I had never done anything before in this world really,” she says. “Then the show came out and all of the sudden I have a Wikipedia page and like somebody wrote about me on Wikipedia, it was so cool.”

She adds of her Twitter following, “I have 12.2 thousand followers on Twitter now, which is not like that much compared to some other people, but for me it’s great, I love it. All of the sudden my followers just shot through the roof and people are recognizing me on the street and offering to buy me Doc Martins on Twitter. Like, I tweeted about how I like Doc Martins and they were like, ‘What size are you? What color do you want? What’s your P.O. Box?”

While Brewer might not be a big fan of having people send items to her personal address, she does love it when people draw her fan art. “There’s been a lot of fan art for Tricia, which has been so cool, just to see people apply their talents to it and make this something so beautiful of their own,” she admits.

“Hemlock Grove” and “Orange Is The New Black” will both debut their second seasons in 2014.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz