madonna billionaire club gi Madonna joins billionaire's club after MDNA tour ticket sales   report

It sounds like the “Material Girl” can continue to hold onto that nickname the rest of her life. Thanks to the ticket sales from her most recent tour, Madonna has crossed a big financial line. The pop legend is now a billionaire, according to NaughtyButNiceRob.
Prior to the tour, Madge was sitting pretty with a worth of around $700 million. The 2012 MDNA tour grossed over $305 million dollars for the singer, along with another $75 million in merchandise sales. Throw in $60 million from sales of her perfume, Truth of Dare, a $10 million deal with Smirnoff, and another $10 million for the TV and DVD rights from the tour, and the Queen of Pop’s bank account keeps going up.
All that money leaves Madonna with more than enough time to dress up like a boy scout to present Anderson Cooper with an award. The tour was Madonna’s second-highest grossing show of all time, behind her Sticky and Sweet tour. It also ranks as the tenth-high grossing tour ever, from any act. Madge is the only female artist in the top ten, and she’s in there twice.
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