lebron james mcdonalds Magic Johnson rips LeBron James

 LeBron James’ playoff woes has become as integral a part of basketball as dribbling or Marv Albert. Stop us if you’ve heard this one:

A man asks LeBron James for change for a parking meter. LeBron gives the man 75 cents and walks away. The man shouts, “Hey, LeBron! I need a dollar!” LeBron replies “sorry, man, I don’t have a fourth quarter.”

BOOM. But we can’t even make a layup so who cares what we say. However, when Los Angeles Laker and all-time great Magic Johnson starts ripping you? That’s gotta hurt.

At an on-campus appearance Saturday (Oct. 15) at the University at Albany, Magic starting laying into King James:

“There’s going to always be great players in basketball. There’s going to always be guys who win championships in the NBA, except LeBron…”

The remarks drew a mixed response, but Magic didn’t let up:

“Everybody’s always asking, ‘Who is better between Kobe [Bryant] and LeBron?’ I’m like, are you kidding me?…Kobe, five championships; LeBron zero.”

Magic covered his tracks (a little) with the qualifying statement “I love the young man though. I know he’s going to get better in the fourth quarter this year.”

Magic, you better hope that LeBron doesn’t come after you about your talk-show hosting skills. “The Magic Hour?” We’re like, are you kidding me?

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