graham patrick martin major crimes summer finale tnt 'Major Crimes' Season 2 summer finale: Has Rusty brought danger to Sharon in 'Poster Boy'?As “Major Crimes” wrapped up its summer run on Monday (Aug. 19), the TNT series granted much of the hour’s focus to the case of the week, and, while it was an engrossing case with at least one truly sad murder to witness, it was the shading on the sides that advanced the continuing story of Sharon’s (Mary McDonnell) involvement with Rusty (Graham Patrick Martin) that was worth the price of admission.

While it seems that the inevitable outcome of Rusty living with Sharon is that, despite his being a prime witness in her case against Philip Stroh, she’s going to adopt the kid. But, as the show proved tonight, they’re not quite ready to let that happen yet. So, it’s time for a roadblock.

As we’ve seen all season long, someone has been writing Rusty menacing letters that he’s been hiding from Sharon and the rest of the squad out of fear that the new D.D.A. Rios (Nadine Velazquez) would place him in witness protection. Of course, he probably shouldn’t have told Kris about them last week.

The poor girl was terrified over the idea of a lunatic threatening her friend and she took what she know to Rios and spilled the beans. Oops.

The final sequence was heartbreaking, if frustratingly short. Rusty was taken out of school on his first day by a couple of officers, while Sharon was summonsed to Taylor’s office. As Rusty arrived, the squad acted as if they knew this might be the last time they’d see the kid, but it was the moment when he saw Sharon with the stack of letters in her hands that really won the hour.

“Whatever happens in there, know this: I love you,” a teary Sharon said before turning to enter the office. And with that, we have to wait until November to find out exactly what did happen in there.

Except — that wasn’t the end. We get one final look at the gloved writer as he writes his next creepy not. Only this time, it’s not “Dear Rusty.” It’s “Dear Sharon.” Uh oh. Is it November yet?

What did you think of the “Major Crimes” cliffhanger? Will you check back in November to see how this all shakes out?

Posted by:Billy Nilles