malin akerman jennifer aniston getty Malin Akerman joins the '1 million strong for Jennifer Aniston to be my BFF club'Well Malin Akerman didn’t exactly join or start a Facebook group but she has joined the Jennifer Aniston admiration society a.k.a. Team Aniston.

Just after wrapping “Wanderlust” with, the beautiful blonde actress is totally loving on Jenny in an interview with People. In return, we are totally loving on Malin.

“Jennifer is one of my favorite people now,” Malin gushes. “Not only is she an extraordinary actress, she is such a loving, genuine woman and fun. You want her to be your best friend. She’s amazing.” We’re just wondering what took her so long to figure that out? We’ve been trying to be Jen’s best friends since she was serving coffee at the Central Perk.
As for her frequently discussed love life, Malin has one thing to say to all the eligible bachelors out there: “Guys, get out there! Nab her! She is every guy’s dream.”
Regarding the rest of her castmates in the new film, including funny man Paul Rudd, Malin says filming was “a huge lovefest.” Forget bro-mance, we smell the greatest ho-mance since Rachel and Monica.
Posted by:Sophie Schillaci