superman costume set photo 'Man of Steel' set photos reveal costume update

With “The Dark Knight Rises” shoot having moved from Pittsburgh to Los Angeles, Internet junkies are moving right along to the other big superhero flick for their spoiler fix.

Photos leaked Wednesday (Aug. 31) from the Zack Snyder-helmed “Man of Steel” shoot in Plano, Illinois.  The photos reveal in startling detail the brand new Superman costume, filled out ably by Henry Cavill. The costume represents a stark departure from tradition; gone are Superman’s signature red undies and the suit seems more SWAT team Kevlar than Christopher Reeve spandex.

The suit seems to keep in step with the recent DC comics reboot; the company set all its properties back to issue number one and revamped character histories in an effort to update their heroes for modern times.

Brace yourselves for the inevitable Internet backlash. But need we remind you that Christopher Nolan is producing this film and if there’s anyone we can trust, it’s Nolan. And don’t worry about the cape. It’s in the movie. If they got rid of that, we might have a full-scale mutiny on our hands.

Check out the rest of the pics here.

Posted by:janderson