man of steel thursday box office 'Man of Steel': Superman is super at the box office ThursdayThe newest attempt to restart the Superman franchise got off to a very promising start at the box office Thursday (June 13).

“Man of Steel” raked in $21 million in its first night of release. The total includes $9 million from late-night screenings and $12 million from a series of special showings sponsored by Wal-Mart and Warner Bros., which is distributing “Man of Steel.”

The strong start for the movie could put it in line to challenge, if not break, the box-office record for a June weekend that’s currently held by “Toy Story 3” ($110.3 million). (“Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” made almost $128 million in its first three days after opening on a Wednesday in June 2009.)

“Man of Steel,” which stars Henry Cavill in the title role, has received mixed reviews so far, but that isn’t likely to deter fans who’ve been waiting seven years since “Superman Returns” for a new take on the Superman story. The 2006 movie, incidentally, made $48.4 million in its first three days after opening on a Wednesday.

Will you be seeing “Man of Steel” this weekend?

Posted by:Rick Porter