mandy patinkin ex girlfriends kelly and michael Mandy Patinkin adorably reunites with two ex girlfriends on 'Live with Kelly and Michael'You might have thought you’d already watched the best Mandy Patinkin video, but you were wrong. Oh so wrong. This clip from Wednesday’s (Feb. 19) episode of “Live with Kelly and Michael,” in which he is surprised by not one but two ex-girlfriends, is actually the best Mandy Patinkin video of all the Mandy Patinkin videos on this here Internet.

The last time Patinkin visited Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan, they read him a letter they’d received from Sandy Hyman, who’d had her first kiss with the actor. Patinkin was thrilled, and caught up via phone and email with Hyman after the show. Unfortunately, they didn’t have a chance to meet up in person before she moved to Texas. Enter Kelly and Michael, who flew Sandy in to reunite with her lost love.

Check out the “Homeland” star’s face as he realizes she’s there, then try not to drown in the adorable as he envelops her in the most genuine bear hug you’ve ever seen while screaming “OH MY GOD” over and over. The happily married Patinkin sits with his arm around her as they chat about the good old days — and the fact that they haven’t seen each other in 40 years. “Would you know me if you saw me now?” asks Hyman. “In a heartbeat I’d know you,” Patinkin responds.

Just when you thought that was the cutest thing you’d see all day, Kelly and Michael cajole Patinkin into mentioning the other ex he’s been trying to track down: his college girlfriend, Lenore “Nori” Haines. He’d even tried enlisting some of his CIA and FBI sources to no avail. But those tricksters have an ulterior motive: They’ve already found her, and flown her in for the segment. Patinkin’s reaction is even better (and so is Kelly and Michael’s when they see how legitimately moved he is by the reunion).

“I can’t take this,” he happily exclaims. “Am I dying or something? What’s happening?!”

Set aside 10 minutes and watch: It’ll make your day, and inspire you to connect with some of your old childhood friends. Bonus: There are also some delightful details about young Mandy’s magic skills, which would normally be totally awww-worthy but because of the incredible nature of this double reunion, are barely even worth mentioning.

Posted by:Jean Bentley