marie-osmond-dr-getty.jpgWhen Marie Osmond canceled her shows with brother Donny Osmond last weekend and took a trip to the hospital, fans worried that her singing voice wouldn’t recover. Fortunately, the worry was for naught!

Osmond assures fans that she’s feeling “all the way better.” After a recent event to promote her doll collection, the 52-year-old tweeted, “I think I laughed my bronchitis away. So much better!”

Her good spirits have continued through the Halloween holiday. “Hey, what’s everyone gonna be for Halloween? I’m going as Coma-Roma, the most lively unconscious lady. LOL ;)” she tweeted, later letting her fans know about her kids’ costumes: “Brandon’s going Goth, Bri is
doing “day of the dead” painted face, Matt and Abi have changed their
minds about 40 times. Must be my kids!”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie