the chica show Mario Lopez's 'Extra' job voicing a bird for 'The Chica Show'A lot of people are busy, but Mario Lopez is seriously booked. Not that’s he’s complaining.

The dimpled host of “Extra”  recently returned from his honeymoon with his wife, Courtney.
“The only thing that changed was the last name,” he tells Zap2it of the difference between being married and living together with their 2-year-old daughter, Gia Francesca.
It’s early on a weekday morning, and Lopez is on his way to the gym then on to host his radio show.

He’s quite happy with one of his latest projects, providing the voice for Stitches on Sprout’s “The Chica Show.”
Aimed at 2- to 5-year-olds, the animated show revolves around Chica, a fuzzy chick that squeaks instead of talks, but oddly, when you listen to her, the squeaks become intelligible.

Stitches is a rag doll plopped in a costume store window. He comes to life — with cartoon fairy dust, naturally — when his friends want to go on an adventure.

“Stitches is a loyal friend,” Lopez says. “He is always happy and likes to use his imagination and likes to have fun — like me.”
“The Chica Show,” which debuted as the nascent network’s top-rated program, is now on NBC’s children’s block Saturday mornings. It stresses friendship and imagination.
Lopez recalls how his grandmother fostered his imagination and insisted that he play outside. He’s playing with his 2-year-old, stressing the same lessons and watching a little TV, including his new show.
“My daughter loves Sprout, and we watch ‘The Sunny Side Up Show,’ which Chica was on,” Lopez says. “And the opportunity came up. It was a no-brainer to make my daughter happy. And I am so happy, and she is thrilled, and [‘Chica’ is] one of those cool things we get the opportunity to do.”
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler