rypien getty Mark Rypien, Super Bowl MVP, sues NFL over concussionsFormer Super Bowl MVP Mark Rypien is the lead plaintiff in a class-action lawsuit against the National Football League seeking cash and medical care for the “repeated traumatic injuries to his head” he suffered during his 11-year career.

In a suit filed March 23, Rypien is joined by 126 former NFL players who allege the league knew of risks of “repetitive traumatic brain injuries and concussions for decades, but deliberately ignored and actively concealed” the data, this according to court documents. The suit adds that the 49-year-old Rypien endured multiple head injuries during his career. He now reportedly suffers “various neurological conditions and symptoms related to multiple head traumas.”

Gene Locks, the attorney representing Rypien, tells the Washington Post, “We think the league delayed, didn’t do a competent job of monitoring, and in many cases disregarded what it knew about concussions…It’s a sad commentary.”

Locks continues, “Our class-action wants the league to check all of these players out, and if they’re okay, give them a clean bill of health…And if not, we want them to pay for medical care so these players’ conditions, hopefully, don’t get worse. And if the players’ conditions are serious enough, we hope the league will give them compensation.”

This is just the latest in a number of class-action suits the NFL is facing over the issue of head trauma. The publication estimates that nearly 1,000 former players are suing the NFL over how they’ve addressed this issue in the past.

Posted by:David Eckstein