mark wahlberg guys choice Mark Wahlberg: A 40th birthday pledgeMark Wahlberg is celebrating his 40th birthday Sunday (June 5), and we wish him a happy one.

We didn’t buy him a present, though. Because really, what do you buy for a guy who already has a pair of Oscar nominations (one as an actor for “The Departed” and one as a producer for “The Fighter”), a successful career as a TV producer (“Entourage,” “In Treatment,” “Boardwalk Empire”), a “guy of the year” award at Saturday’s Guys Choice Awards (pictured above) and what looks from the outside like a very stable and happy family life?

All we can offer, then, is this: As a 40th birthday gift from us to you, Mark Wahlberg, we pledge to do our best and not ever refer to you as “Marky Mark” again.

It might not be easy. After all, when we first heard of you in 1991, it was under that name. We let it go when your reputation as an actor began to grow with movies like “Boogie Nights” and “Three Kings,” but then there was that weird moment of “Good Vibrations” playing over the closing credits of “Rock Star.” It was just a joke, we know, but it planted Marky Mark in our minds all over again. Plus, “Marky Mark” is just kind of fun to say.

But “Good Vibrations” was, after all, half a lifetime ago, and you’ve transcended whatever pop-cultural baggage came from being the leader of the Funky Bunch. So happy 40th, Marky Mr. Wahlberg, and many happy returns.

Posted by:Rick Porter