mark wahlberg entourage salary dispute Mark Wahlberg says 'Entourage' movie dispute 'wasn't all about money and greed'

Now that the “Entourage” movie is a go, producer Mark Wahlberg is opening up a bit about the salary dispute that almost kept it from ever happening.
Back in October, Wahlberg blamed greed by the cast members for keeping the movie from getting made, while Adrian Grenier said he simply wanted “the boys” to be given the opportunity to share in the movie’s success equally.
Wahlberg doesn’t quite blame greed anymore, though. While sitting down for a THR producer’s round table, he explains, “Everybody was saying it wasn’t all about money and greed and it wasn’t. It wasn’t, necessarily. It was really about fairness.” That sounds like what Grenier wanted, but Wahlberg continues, “What I was trying to communicate to the guys is this is an important movie for us to do at a price. Then if the movie is successful, like the ‘Sex and the City’ was, then there’s a lot of opportunity on the upside.”
The first “Sex and the City” movie was made on a budget of $65 million and went on to gross $415 million, while the next one didn’t make quite as much but was still a huge success.

The “Entourage” movie is set to go into production in January, targeted for a Thanksgiving 2014 release.
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