Facebook1-cropped.jpgFacebook fail! It seems that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg became a victim of his own website’s privacy issues when a glitch in the system allowed his private photos to be viewed by the public. See Mark? It kind of sucks when that happens.

The photos went viral after engineer Mike Rundle allegedly discovered
a bug in the website’s reporting tool that allows users to access
others’ pictures even if they were private. It works like this. After reporting a public profile picture as containing
inappropriate content you are (or were, since Facebook executives say the glitch is now fixed) offered the chance to report additional
photographs by the same user.

Facebook then posts a series of thumbnails so you can point out the offensive ones. Any computer user worth his salt knows how to enlarge those. The lesson here? Seriously, take down those bikini pics and drunken weekend photos. Someone is going to show them to your mom!


Posted by:jbusch