tanisha clive marriage boot camp reality stars Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars' finale: Tanisha and Clive break upFour out of five ain’t bad, “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars.”

On the season finale of “Marriage Boot Camp” Season 3, which featured five reality star couples, the five couples were put through a lie detector test and then had to make the big decision of whether or not to stay together.

In various amalgamations (re-proposing, choosing not to put their reunion on camera, etc.) four couples stayed together — Gretchen/Slade, Jenni/Roger, Traci/Kevin and Trisha/Ryan.

Tanisha and Clive, however, got to the final reveal and both of their ring boxes were empty, which is how the contestants demonstrate if they choose to stay together (ring) or break up (no ring). Tanisha and Clive’s empty ring boxes at first seemed like a mutual decision, but later, Tanisha gave Clive a piece of her mind about why he didn’t choose to stay with her, which is hilarious since she chose not to stay with him.

But in the “update text” over the final frames, it was revealed that Tanisha has now moved on to a new man, even though she and Clive are still legally married. “It’s complicated,” reads the update.

Indeed. What did you think of the “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars” finale?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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