Among the upcoming season’s large crop of romantic comedies is perhaps the silliest (in a good way) of them all: NBC’s “Marry Me,” starring Casey Wilson (“Happy Endings”) and Ken Marino (“Party Down,” “Veronica Mars”). The two play a longtime couple trying really hard to get engaged (and hopefully later married) but doing a very bad job of it.

Much of the silly comedy can definitely be attributed to the show’s leads who, as you will see below, are incapable of getting through an interview without appearing to go completely insane.

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This is a good thing, when it comes to a TV comedy. Check out some of their responses to totally reasonable questions below.

When the title of the show, “Marry Me,” was spoken:

Marino: All right. Let’s do it.

Wilson: I’m surprised that’s the first time I’m hearing that — did it just come to you?

Marino: Well, I thought of it earlier, but then I didn’t do it. The timing wasn’t right.

When asked to describe the comedy:

Marino: It’s very good.

Wilson: I think it’s kind of a modern, updated ‘Mad About You’ type of show. It’s about a relationship and it’s really funny and it has some hard jokes in it, but it’s also sort of warm.

Marino: It’s around 22 minutes long. It’s good, because you know you can put some commercials throughout it. And then winds up being about half an hour long.

Wilson: And it’s fun because it has actors in it.

: And lighting … Yeah, it’s a great show! It’s got actors. It’s got sound — there’s sound!

Wilson: A lot of costumes.

When asked to get a little more specific about what can be expected:

Wilson: We wanted to do it in the nude.

Marino: We did. We lobbied to do it in the nude. We actually did a couple scenes in the nude, and they had to fix it in post. They just kind of painted stuff on. That’s an interesting little egg, right? You can look for that and try to figure out what scenes we were nude in.

Wilson: The spin class scene, that we were nude in, of course … Gotta get ratings!

“Marry Me” will air Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on NBC this fall.

Posted by:Laurel Brown