marry me tca 2014 nbc gi 'Marry Me': Comedy based on real life romance, not 'Happy Endings'

“Marry Me” is not “Happy Endings” and Casey Wilson’s new character of Annie is not the same as Penny. But there are definite similarities between the new and the old comedies. The show explained why at the 2014 TV Press Tour.

Co-starring Ken Marino, “Marry Me” is the essence of a romantic comedy, starting with a proposal and working from there. Surprisingly from the footage released, the show’s producer (David Caspe, also of “Happy Endings”) insists that this is more like an ensemble show. “Nothing that happened in the pilot is necessarily indicative of what will happen going forward,” Caspe explains. “Except for the stuff you enjoy.”

Because of that change, it makes sense that a number of actors showed up for the panel — in addition to Wilson and Marino, actors Tim Meadows (playing one of Annie’s gay dads), Sarah Wright, Tymberlee Hill and John Gemberling. All of the characters will have plenty of opportunities to tell A, B and C stories.

But the couple at the center of it all is the main story. That makes sense since the inspiration for the show is the real-life relationship between Caspe and Wilson. “When I was out pitching the show, I had not proposed yet,” Caspe says of where all of this comes from. “I care much more about money than personal relationships … The execs knew about the proposal before Casey did.”

Fortunately, the proposal did happen and has since progressed through the wedding. The timeline for these events in the show, however, has not yet been determined.

“Marry Me” premieres Tuesday, Oct. 14 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

Posted by:Laurel Brown