martina hingis attacks husband rumor has it gi Martina Hingis teamed with mother, mother's boyfriend to attack estranged husband, Thibault Hutin   reportIn search of the weirdest story of the day? Well, look no further.

Former world No. 1 tennis star Martina Hingis has been accused of attacking her estranged husband Thibault Hutin with the aid of her mother and her mother’s boyfriend.

Hingis and her family gang apparently went to Hutin’s apartment and beat him up on Monday (Sept. 23) night, with the attack ending once the mom’s boyfriend hit Hutin over the head with a DVD player, reports from a translated report on Swedish news site Blick.

The direct Google translation reads as broken English, but the gist of the story is that Hingis, Melanie Molitor (her mother) and Mario Widmer (Molitor’s boyfriend) attacked the man before throwing him out of the window headfirst. After returning to his house to find his passport and credit cards missing, Hutin immediately went to the police. The cops returned to the house, where three alleged assailants were still present. The police then forced them to return the passport and credit cards, according to the report.

The reports ends with a sentence that, while hard to decipher, seems to be packed with a major allegation: “Then Hutin’s increased voice. ‘Last time I did receive an SMS with a threat to send me Russians on the neck. I do not like more white.'”

Hutin seems to claim that his wife has sent Russian hit men after him. Let that one sink in.

Earlier this year, Hutin accused Hingis of cheating on him multiple times, leading to their separation. He allegedly caught her in bed with another man less than a year after the two were wed.

Hingis, who’s been mounting a comeback this summer, withdrew from the Pan Pacific Open in Tokyo earlier this week, citing personal reasons. Perhaps those reasons included trying to kill her husband?

What do you make of the allegations against Hingis?

Posted by:Billy Nilles