marvel star wars youtube Marvel and 'Star Wars' shorts might be heading to YouTubeCould the next Marvel One Shot debut on YouTube instead of on a Marvel movie Blu-ray/DVD? Maybe, if Bob Iger is to be believed.

Iger tells stock holders that Maker Studios’ goal is to put properties like Marvel and “Star Wars” in front of as many people as possible, Mashable reports. That could mean that short films set in those universes could appear on Disney YouTube accounts.
“‘Star Wars’ would be a perfect model of that, Marvel another one,” he says. “Then we could let Maker increase the reach of short-form video.”

In March 2014, Disney spent $500 million to acquire Maker Studios, one of the main YouTube video networks. Considering Disney also partnered with Netflix to make Marvel series, it makes sense they would look to YouTube as well.

“We see short-form as a pioneer area,” Iger says. “More revenue, more consumption of our product. … We believe in growth in entertainment on mobile platforms. And we feel we needed to be present on that space.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz