SHIELD may be destroyed, but “Marvel’s” Agents of SHIELD” marched into San Diego Comic-Con triumphant as it heads toward Season 2. Of course, Brett Dalton was met with a smattering of playful boos since he’s a traitor, but the cast and producers were given an incredibly enthusiastic reaction all around.
The promise of Season 2 teases surely helped to that end. Production just started on the premiere episode Thursday (July 24), but there was plenty to share. The biggest reveal was that Mockingbird will appear in Season 2. That announcement was made via a pre-recorded video starring Patton Oswalt as Agent Koenig. While giving a speech about SHIELD and safety, a clone of his walked in to say that Barbara Morse, “Codename: Mockingbird,” wanted to help Coulson in his bid to save SHIELD. The video can be seen on above.
The other character announcements included Reed Diamond playing one of the big antagonists next season, Daniel Whitehall. It was also confirmed that Lucy Lawless would, indeed, be joining the show as Isabelle Hartley an agent of the former SHIELD who has a very special knife. British actor Nick Blood will appear as Lance Hunter, a mercenary. In the comics, Hunter is an agent of STRIKE, which is Britain’s version of SHIELD.
Additionally, a blooper reel was shown, filled with laughter and dancing. You might not have realized it, but Clark Gregg likes to dance quite a bit in between takes. The best moment of the reel, which will be included on the Season 1 DVD release of “Agents of SHIELD,” was Sky, Simmons and May giving Coulson a “Charlie’s Angels” pose.
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