marvels agents of shield liveblog 'Marvel's Agents of SHIELD' premiere recap: Live blog

It’s finally here! “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” has arrived, which means it’s time to figure out what actually happened to Agent Phil Coulson and who all these strange men and women in suits are. Are you as excited to meet Marvel’s newest non-super heroes as we are? Join along with Zap2it’s live blog of the premiere episode (all times Eastern):
8:00 p.m. – It’s time! “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” has begun!
8:04 p.m. – Times certainly have changed since the events of “The Avengers.” It’s strange seeing this world from a normal person’s perspective.
8:06 p.m. – And we kick off the episode with something super. At least this sort of puts to rest all those J. August Richards rumors, since he just seems to be a random dude.
8:08 p.m. – Chloe Bennet is so great on this show already. We said she was one to watch!
8:10 p.m. – Anyone else as excited as we are to have Coulson back? And to see Cobie Smulders’ Maria Hill? But why is he still alive?
8:15 p.m. – And here Skye is spreading the word about SHIELD. She’s painting the organization as a villain. Is that how people see it?
8:17 p.m. – “With great power comes … a ton of great crap that you are not prepared to deal with.” Love you already, Skye.
8:18 p.m. – And here is Melinda May. We’ve been puzzling over what the deal with Ming-Na Wen’s character is since this episode premiered at Comic-Con.
8:19 p.m. – Fitz and Simmons are the best, and such Whedon characters. Can’t wait to see more of them — and Elizabeth Henstridge promised more.
5:20 p.m. – Lola is such a babe. And so is Agent Grant Ward, though he is a bit of a dunce sometimes.

8:21 p.m. – The Rising Tide ended pretty quickly. So much for that rebellion! But is Skye right to be afraid of SHIELD? Probably not, since they’re the heroes of our show.

8:27 p.m. – Skye likes to think she’s too good for her own good, and she is. But she’s no match for Agent Coulson. If he can hold is own against Tony Stark, he can hold his own against her.

8:29 p.m. – “Product” seems a whole lot like Extremis. Clearly these Project Centipede people are up to no good. We already know that Skye joins the SHIELD team, and it sounds like they need her.
8:30 p.m. – And here is some awesome crazy weird Marvel tech. Hopefully this is the first of a lot.
8:30 p.m. – Some major chemistry going on between Skye and Grant right now. Anyone else feeling it?
8:31 p.m. – Sweaty cosplay girls standing around Stark Tower — nice shoutout to the Comic-Con group of fans.
8:32 p.m. – Of course Coulson uses the truth serum on Grant. This is fantastic.
8:34 p.m. – And this is why we don’t give normal everyday people superpowers. Coming up with your own spectrum of good and evil as it works for you isn’t staying true to the whole idea of “with great power comes great responsibility.”
8:40 p.m. – Fitz and Simmons have such a fun dynamic. More, more, more please.
8:41 p.m. – Wow, this is a twist. The woman Michael saved is the woman who is experimenting on him? Did anyone see that coming?
8:43 p.m. – Gamma radiation and supersoldier serum with this Extremis-y stuff too, huh. This is a fun blending of Marvel mythology without outright nodding to it.
8:44 p.m. – Uh oh, Mike has a skewed perspective of right and wrong, and now Skye has stuck herself in the middle of it.
8:45 p.m. – Extremis is one of the main plot points of “Iron Man 3,” making this pilot feel pretty timely in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It will be interesting to see how other Marvel film plots are integrated.
8:48 p.m. – Sounds like Michael doesn’t have much hope left for his future.
8:50 p.m. – Coulson the angry boss; that’s something we haven’t seen before.
8:51 p.m. – Skye just wiped Mike’s identity, and she’s done it before. With a name like “Skye,” it’s not much of a guess to figure out who she did it on.
8:52 p.m. – Skye really is too smart for her own good. She hacks the SHIELD database so they know where to find her. Good move. 
8:53 p.m. – Make the guy who can’t get angry because he’ll explode angry. That seems like a smart move.
8:54 p.m. – A third party involved in this shootout; likely Centipede. It would be great if they’re an overarching villainous organization this season, since it’s easy to see how “SHIELD” can focus on one-off episodes.
8:55 p.m. – Show us your moves, Melinda May!
8:55 p.m. – And here Coulson comes in as a peacekeeper. Goodness, Phil, it’s great to have you back. He’s a perfect character to be the leader of an ensemble TV show.
8:56 p.m. – The most important part of this pilot is the fact that it shows the fallout from having superheroes introduced to the world. While “Agents of SHIELD” is definitely fun with all the tech and Whedon quips, it will be truly excellent if it can put a face to everyone else that’s a part of a world gone super.
8:59 p.m. – A happy ending! But plenty of mysteries still to explore. It is in face a brave new world, Skye.
8:59 p.m. – An 0-8-4? Hey, that’s the name of next week’s episode?
9:00 p.m. – Lola, you sexy lady. That is one cool car, and Coulson does have a thing for collectibles.
9:00 p.m. – And that’s a wrap! What did you think?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz