solar storm Massive solar storm hitting Earth now: Can you tell?Although 2012 has been rumored by some to be the year the world will end, it hasn’t happened yet. Though, cosmically speaking we may be a little more vulnerable right now. On Tuesday (Jan. 24), the Earth is withstanding one of the largest solar storms ever leveled at us by the ever-aggressive sun.

According to the NOAA, a radiation and geomagnetic storm caused by a Coronal mass Ejection (CME) is currently pummeling the Earth, traveling at 1,400 miles per second. And, reports Gizmodo, the rarity of the type of solar storm — a proton storm — is, in fact, dangerous.

The storm could interrupt satellites, global positioning systems (so you may want to bring along a paper map backup if you’re hit with wanderlust) and power grids.

Some airlines are also canceling or changing routes to avoid any danger. Apparently, the protons are capable of interrupting High Frequency radio communications which keep planes in touch with Air Traffic Control.

Also at risk: Astronauts. NASA is advising residents of the International Space Station to stay home and skip any space walks until the storm passes.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson