masterchef s1 final 320 'MasterChef' finale: Vote for your favoriteAmerica’s first “MasterChef” will be crowned Wednesday (Sept. 15), and as we’ve seen by the past few episodes, there could be major upsets.

We’re talking about Sharone, who has incredible skills and instincts, but occasionally lacks the basics (deboning fish). He fell to the mighty Whitney’s baking prowess.

It’s a two-hour finale, so get ready for the long haul. This journey has spotlighted home cooks, and it’s as much about their skills as it is their story.

Let’s see who’s left:

David Miller – He’s been pretty consistent, never really faltering except once when his team lost, and has two team wins and one individual win, the super-scary challenge when he had to impress three intimidating food critics. The software engineer from Massachusetts started out fairly arrogant and got a dressing down, but has turned out to be a fairly funny dude.

Whitney Miller (no relation) – Have you heard? She’s only 22 years old! Much was made of her youth, even though eliminated contestant Slim Huynh was also only 22, but Whitney’s lack of city slicker polish, cute accent and huge earrings have definitely made her a fan favorite. The girl knows her way around a protein and pastries, and has natural instincts when it comes to the food she recognizes. She’s had two individual wins, but fell to the bottom twice.

Lee Knaz – He is Not-Sharone, but he did have some Sharone envy at times. The Venice, Calif., bartender has two individual wins and a team win. He’s had to face the pressure test twice, and apparently passed. He also really, really likes fennel.

Sheetal Bhagat
– The Chicago teacher was flying under the radar for a while there, until The Crab Incident at least. She’s not vegetarian at all, but killing animals herself is beyond her comfort zone (let’s not forget the fish she caught!). After three team wins, she finally proves herself in the venison Mystery Box challenge. She’s never had to face a pressure test.

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