josh marks mugshot 'MasterChef' finalist Josh Marks arrested, blames Gordon Ramsay

According to a bizarre new report, 26-year-old “MasterChef” finalist Josh Marks assaulted police in Chicago because, he claims, Gordon Ramsay possessed his body and transformed him into God. We knew Ramsay ran “Hell’s Kitchen,” but even this is a bit extreme.

The story might be strange, but the aftermath isn’t. University of Chicago police tell TMZ that a cop approached Marks when he saw the man trying to use one of the college’s university phones. Since he had obvious cuts on his face, the policeman asked Marks if anything was wrong. At that point Marks reportedly lunged at the man, punched him and tried to grab his gun.

Marks seemed to have been in some kind of rage, because even batons and pepper spray didn’t subdue him. He then ran away from police before five cops managed to capture him. He’s reportedly currently in custody and is being held in a hospital chained to a bed.

The “MasterChef” runner-up is facing charges including assaulting cop and resisting arrest. Still, the most bizarre part of this story is the fact that he’s blaming the entire course of events on Ramsay. According to TMZ, no drugs were found in Marks’ system.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz