masterchef 515 recap fox 'MasterChef' Season 5, episode 15 recap: 'Top 6 Compete'

Joe was out of the kitchen this week on “MasterChef” on business, but he might have been more useful than ever. The remaining home cooks were split in two and made to take over a restaurant.
Sparks flew immediately because Cutter and his team captain Leslie couldn’t get along. They flung insults and obscenities at each other all night, with Gordon Ramsay having to break them up twice. Meanwhile, Jaimee completely crumbled as captain of the other team. In fact, she handed leadership over to Courtney. That didn’t last long either, as Courtney quickly agreed to let Christian take control.
Once that happened, the blue team surged forward. All they were lacking was a confident leader to power them. Unfortunately the change in leadership wasn’t enough to win the challenge. Even with all the in-fighting, Leslie’s team claimed a victory.
Back in the kitchen, Jaimee, Christian and Courtney faced elimination and has to make a cream puff tower. The example they were shown was elegant and mouthwatering. You’d think this challenge would be easy for Jaimee, who has emerged as the baking queen on “MasterChef.”

However, it was Courtney who created a practically perfect dessert. She somehow keeps pulling tricks out of her bag that lead to wins. Sadly, Jaimee’s cream puffs were undercooked, she used too much caramelized sugar and the cream was bland. It was tough to watch her get shot down, since it’s normally her strong point.
Likewise, Christian has quite a bit of trouble. While his had the taste in its favor, the construction was sloppy. Courtney was the clear winner of the night, while Jaimee was sent home.

With tears in her eyes, Jaimee said goodbye. The bright side is Gordon said he could help her find a job in New York, where he owns restaurants. So that’s something.
Eliminated: Jaimee
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