masterchef 503 recap fox 'MasterChef' Season 5, episode 3 recap: 'Top 20 Compete' but who crumbles under the pressure?

“MasterChef” promised one of its biggest ever challenged in Season 5 and, in cooking for the military, they certainly delivered. The home cooks were divided into two teams to cook a meal for 500 soldiers.
It’s an important challenge for the cooks and certainly not one where they was to disappoint the judged. After winning the elimination challenge in episode 2, Frances B. is named red team captain and allowed to pick out those who will work with him. He smartly builds a group of the season’s best home cooks to cover all his bases.
Of the 10 left, Daniel is named de facto blue team captain. Right away, Leslie is complaining when the blue team decides to make chicken. He says there’s too much room for error. Funnily enough, he was right as the blue team ended up with raw chicken at one point. “This chicken is more dangerous than the enemy.” Oh Gordon, what a way with words you have. The raw chicken was Stephani’s fault.
Meanwhile, the red team went with pork chops, with bacon macaroni and cheese on the side. They fall behind in their cooking early on and it looks like they may be out of the game before it even starts. The macaroni and cheese proves to be more problematic than it’s worth, so it gets dumped in favor of coleslaw.

In the end, even though they weren’t able to serve everyone due to some raw pork, the red team takes the challenge victory by a large margin and it safe from elimination.
Back in the “MasterChef” kitchen, the red team has to cook for their lives. Team captain Daniel is allowed to save some team members from having to take part in the challenge. Willing to go down with the ship, he doesn’t save himself. When he sees that he has to make a blueberry pie, he realizes the mistake he’s made.

While most of Daniel’s pie is a disaster, the filling hits the spot for the judges, so he’s safe. The bottom two were Stephani, who was responsible for the raw chicken, and Elise. It’s funny for Elise, as she made two pies during the first round. She’s embarrassed and should be. As for Stephanie, she loaded her blueberry pie up with pecans for no reason other than wanting to be different.
It’s a bad decision that costs her the show, as she’s the one going home this week. Between the chicken debacle and the bad pie, this elimination should come as no surprise. Elise is lucky this is how it shook out. For someone who prides herself on baking to crumble like that would normally be a one-way ticket out of the kitchen.
Eliminated: Stefani
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