masterchef 505 recap fox 'MasterChef' Season 5, episode 5 recap: 'Top 17 Compete'

Love was in the air on the latest “MasterChef,” as the home cooks catered a wedding. After their dual win last week, Francis L. and Leslie were named team captains, to different degrees of success.
The problem with Leslie is, regardless of his cooking ability, he’s terrible with people. His entire team hates him and they eventually simple replace him as captain, instead letting Francis B. lead them. That doesn’t work out either, though. The blue team, led by Francis L., has no problem pleasing the bride and groom.
That means it’s back to the MasterChef kitchen for the red team to face a pressure challenge. However, only three actually have to compete. Leslie chooses Ahran, whose name he can’t figure out how to pronounce, Christian and Daniel. He essentially targeted those who have no problem telling him what a jerk he can be.
The judges had other ideas, though. They got to pick the competitors and went with Leslie, Francis B. and Jordan, all of whom seemed completely lost during the team challenge. Cooking for their life on the show, they had to make the perfect medium rare steak and fries.
The three home cooks all rise to the challenge, but it’s Leslie who produces the best dish. His is actually the only steak cooked to medium rare. Of course, being serious competition isn’t going to lessen the target on his back.
As for Jordan and Francis B., it was all a matter of which overcooked steak tasted better. During the cooking, the safe home cooks instructed Francis on how to make a compound butter from upstairs, something his competition didn’t bother with. That, along with his well-seasoned fries, were enough to keep him in the game, while Jordan was sent packing.
Eliminated: Jordan
Next week, things are going to get even more exciting with two “MasterChef” winners appearing. From “MasterChef 4,” Luca will enter the kitchen once again and he’s bringing “MasterChef Junior” champion Alexander with him.
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