masterchef cruise christine ha 'MasterChef' winner Christine Ha 'excited' to join fans on week long cruise Calling all “MasterChef” fans! If you want to improve your cooking skills and meet some of your favorite judges and winners while cruising the Caribbean, time to book your next vacation now.

FOX and Shine America are partnering up to give fans a hands-on experience with a week-long Caribbean cruise from November 8-15. Food and fun in the sun on Holland America’s premiere cruise ship, the MS Westerdam? Can’t get any better than that, right?

Wrong! Passengers will also get the chance to set sail on this “culinary adventure” with “MasterChef” winners Christine Ha and Luca Manfe and the first-ever “MasterChef Junior” winner Alexander Weiss, as well as Michelin Star Chef and “MasterChef” judge Graham Elliot.

“It’s a way for fans and people who watch the show and enjoy the show to interact with the people they’ve grown to love on television,” Ha tells Zap2it. “They can interact with us, meet us, plus they can live through their own ‘MasterChef’ experience on vacation. There are cooking demos where they can learn.”

masterchef cruise flyer 'MasterChef' winner Christine Ha 'excited' to join fans on week long cruiseHa is excited for fans to get to experience what a lot of “MasterChef” contestants went through on the show. “It’s really for people who love food and who watch ‘MasterChef’ and maybe want to improve their culinary skills,” Ha says. “In addition to the cooking demonstrations there are going to be challenges that are similar to what they’ve seen on TV that they can participate in themselves. It’s a fun way for them to relive ‘MasterChef’ while cruising on vacation.”

So what kind of events will take place on the cruise ship? “There will be events like meet and greets where people on the ship can join us for a cocktail reception or dine with us and ask us questions about the show,” Ha says. “They can get an insider’s perspective on what it was like to be filming ‘MasterChef’ and to meet the judges who go through these challenges. And I’m sure I’ll be doing some cooking demonstrations to show how I’ve created some of the dishes I made on the show and to teach my style of cooking which is a lot of comfort food.”

One activity Ha is really looking forward to is partnering up with “MasterChef Junior” winner Weiss. “I’ll be doing a joint demo with Alexander who won ‘MasterChef Junior,'” Ha says. “He’s so cute because he contacted me a while ago and told me that seeing me on my season is actually what inspired him to try out for ‘MasterChef Junior.’ I’m excited to work with him. I actually asked to be his sous chef because I don’t know, he might have me mastered in the kitchen!”

Ha reveals that as much as the cruise is for the benefit of the passengers, it’s going to be a great vacation for her as well. “Getting to hang out with Luca and Alexander and Graham is going to be awesome,” Ha says. “And meeting all of these people who enjoyed the show and virtually know a lot about us yet we know nothing about them, that will be an interesting dynamic to get to meet them in real life and have them learn from us. And hopefully we’ll learn something from them too.”

After a beat, she adds, “I love to travel, so getting to go to the Caribbean, which I’ve never been, that’s very exciting too!”

The first-ever “MasterChef” cruise will set sail from Ft. Lauderdale and return to port one week later after stopping at these ports of call: Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos; San Juan, Puerto Rico; St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands and Half Moon Cay, Bahamas. Vacations can be booked at

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum