matt-damon-butt-fax-ben-affleck-jimmy-kimmel-gi.jpgA (literal) crack has entered the bromance triangle between Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Jimmy Kimmel. And that crack is Damon’s.

The “Monuments Men” star recently faxed a picture of his butt to his long-time friend Affleck and fake enemy Kimmel in response to some jokes the other two made about him on Twitter. Damon is not a creature of social media, so clearly the picture of his rear end was his only recourse.

The back(side) story: Damon and Affleck are taking part in a charity fund-raiser in which the winner will get to hang out with them at a “star-studded private event,” with proceeds benefiting the Eastern Congo Initiative and Last week Kimmel retweeted one of Affleck’s tweets about the contest, to which Affleck replied, “I thank you buddy. And @easterncongo & @water thank you! Matt on the other hand? Matt you there? Right. We will fax you.”

Then on Friday (Feb. 14), this. The “faxtag” is a nice touch:

Because he is on Twitter and Damon isn’t, Kimmel gets the last word: “At the very least, he has a new head shot.”

Affleck and Damon’s fund-raiser closes at 7 p.m. ET Wednesday (Feb. 19). Kimmel and Damon’s “feud” is currently scheduled to go on forever and ever.

Posted by:Rick Porter