Has Jimmy Kimmel finally broken Matt Damon? It seems like it, because only hours before Damon’s long-awaited appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” a video was released showing that he had kidnapped the late night talk show host.

“Tonight, you didn’t run out of time for me did you, Jimmy? No, no I ran out of time for you,” Damon says in the video, referencing Kimmel’s “apologies to Matt Damon” closing line. The camera then turns to show Kimmel trussed up and gagged on a wheel chair. Damon continues, “What’s that Jimmy? Is there a new host in town, and his initials are ‘MD’? That’s right, the doctor is in.”

Expect another hilarious skit to conclude this faux rivalry during Thursday’s (Jan. 24) episode. Even if all ends up going well for Damon’s visit, it doesn’t sound like Kimmel will be letting the joke that he has to bump Damon for time go any time soon. “We’ll probably continue with the same nonsense,” he told reporters recently. “I think Matt would be disappointed if we dropped him. He’s almost a good luck charm.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz