matthew mcconaughey golden globes 2014 dallas buyers club Matthew McConaughey's Golden Globes 2014 speech was the most Matthew McConaughey thing everBless you, Matthew McConaughey, for giving the people what they want. The “Dallas Buyers Club” star began his 2014 Golden Globes acceptance speech just as we all hoped he would: “Alright, alright, alright.”

Even when accepting an award as prestigious as a Golden Globe (for Best Actor, Drama), McConaughey manages to maintain his unique, laid-back Southern cadence. Here’s what he said (read it in your best McConaughey voice):

“Alright, alright, alright. This was unexpected, but graciously accepted. Respect to the nominees, Mr. Redford, Mr. Hanks, Chiwetel. Idris. It’s great company to be in. This film, Ron’s story, was an underdog. For 20 years it was an underdog; turned down 86 times; nobody wanted to put up money for it. We got the right people together five years ago, stuck to it, put some skin in the game, and here it is.

“It starts with the writers, producer Jean-Marc Valee came on, the actors — Jared Leto, Jennifer Garner. It got passed on so many times; really glad it got passed on so many times or it wouln’t have come to me. A time like this, makes me want to say thank you to my mother, for this reason: when we were growing up, we weren’t movie kids, we weren’t TV kids, we weren’t even media kids. If it was daylight, you had to be outside playing, and we were like, ‘Why mom, why can’t we watch 30 minutes of TV?’ and she was like ‘Don’t watch somebody on TV, do it for you, get out there and do it for yourself.’ And now, this many years later, I’m like,

‘That’s a pretty good recipe for an actor, to go be the subject of whatever you’re doing.’ So thank you mom for that.

“To my wife, Camilla, who’s not only put up with my for all this time, in our seven years, and this last three years of wonderful work, but kicked my a** out the door, and said ‘Go git it, go git it, McC… my man, my king.’ Levi! Vita! Mr. Stone! Love y’all. This film was never about dying, it was always about livin’. With that I say, just keep…”

McConaughey’s “Dallas Buyers Club” costar Jared Leto also took home an award (for Best Supporting Actor). 

Posted by:Jean Bentley