Gleeks, take note: Matthew Morrison — who plays Glee club director Mr. Schue on the FOX show — has officially arrived.

To back up for just a sec, stars can officially arrive in one of three ways: 1. Making a jumbo-sized Twitter gaffe about, say, circumcision, 2. Launching his or her own fragrance line, or 3. Starring in a “Funny or Die?” video.

Morrison chose option no. 3 and his new “Funny or Die?” vid charts the fictional trajectory of Morrison’s career from days spent busking on Hollywood street corners to starring in failed TV projects like “Plea” (a musical court room drama) and “Flee” (a musical prison drama).

Along for the ride are some big-name friends: Chace Crawford, Rebecca Mader and Jamie-Lynn Sigler.

It’s cute in a corny kind of way, but hardly up to the funny level of other “Funny or Die?” projects, like Zach Galifianakis“Between Two Ferns” series.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson