jorge santini christmas card Mayor Jorge Santini wins craziest holiday card contestSan Juan, Puerto Rico Mayor Jorge Santini and his family wins the award this year for weirdest holiday card (they also nabbed a spot on the Awkward Family Pet Photos blog). You can see the card in question above.

Looks totally normal (well, not totally, but we’ll get to that in a second) until you scroll down to see the taxidermied leopard ripping into the throat of the taxidermied gazelle (which appropriately looks terrified).

The caption on the card translates to, “May this Christmas illuminate your dreams,” which, OK, that’s not super weird, but coupled with the animals locked in battle directly above it, that’s a little strange.

What else is kind of weird, even discounting the animals, is the youngest child? Why is that girl posing like she’s on “Toddlers and Tiaras”?

Santini tells the HuffPo that the point of the animals is to promote the San Juan Wildlife Museum. He also says the rejected options included “an unconvincing penguin figure staring into a young man’s ear
in an frosty wonderland and a giant bird swooping over the Mayor’s head
as a black bear poses nearby.”


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