mayor cory booker to live on food stamps gi Mayor on food stamps: Will Cory Booker get 'Top Chef' Tom Colicchio on board?New jersey’s mayor, Cory Booker, has announced he will live on food stamps for a week.

Booker has caused a stir on Twitter, challenging his followers to join him in the effort to live for at least one week on $1.40 per meal — the amount provided by the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) program.

“Top Chef”
head judge Tom Colicchio tweeted, “Good luck, may i suggest you start after Thanksgiving. SNAP $ usually run out this late in the month.” Booker responded asking Colicchio if he’ll join the challenge, but Tom didn’t tweet back.

Many of Booker’s constituents have sent thankful tweets to the mayor for bringing attention to their plight, but some were not so appreciative.

One user tweeted, “For those of us who grew up on food stamps a mayor voluntarily spending a week on them is less than impressive,” but most of the responses have been more along the lines of this from a Portland-based fan: “As someone ON food stamps, I find the gesture honorable. Especially as he’s trying to educate others in the process.”

One of Booker’s 1.2 million followers tweeted asking, “Are you worried about running out of coffee funds during your SNAPchallenge?” The mayor replied, “I won’t be able to afford it.”

Booker says he will soon be announcing a celebrity that will take part with him in the challenge. So, maybe Colicchio responded after all?

What do you think? Could you could get by on $1.40 per meal?

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