mcdonalds mighty wings chicago McDonald's chicken wings: 'Mighty Wings' test expands to ChicagoIn the beginning there were Chicken McNuggets and they were good. Now McDonald’s is looking for their next great chicken idea and it comes in the form of deep fried wings. After a successful run in Atlanta, McDonald’s is expanding the test run of their “Mighty Wings” to Chicago-area stores this week.

The wings come in serving sizes of three, five, or 10 pieces and start out at $3. A spokesperson tells the Associated Press there is no new dipping sauce for the wings, but they will be served with creamy ranch by default. This isn’t the company’s first time adding chicken wings to their menus. The National Chicken Council says McDonald’s first introduced wings in some stores in 1990.

Whether this becomes a regular menu addition remains to be seen. Over the past year chicken wing prices have continued to climb due to demand, surpassing the price of boneless, skinless chicken breasts.

If “Mighty Wings” doesn’t get a full-time menu addition, McDonald’s is no stranger to limited runs of certain menu items. Right around St. Patrick’s Day every year, the Shamrock Shake makes an appearance and as we all know, it’s currently McRib season.

Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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