meat loaf retiring gi Meat Loaf cancels UK concert because of illnessJust a handful of days after announcing his plans to officially retire from music, Meat Loaf cancelled the Sunday (April 15) stop on his farewell “Last At Bat” tour, citing illness.

Meat Loaf was expected to play in Nottingham, but instead issued an apology on his Facebook page just hours before he as due on stage saying that “several members of the band” were sick and the concert would be rescheduled for May 20.

A spokesman told Reuters that the singer was expected to be back on stage in Manchester on Wednesday, but could not give more details on Meat Loaf’s health.

When Meat Loaf announced his intention to retire from music to focus on his acting career, his health seemed to be a factor. He told Reuters TV, “This is really it … I just don’t want to travel anymore. I outweigh [Mick] Jagger by about 100 pounds and that counts for something. He hasn’t seen the wear and tear.”

Meat Loaf has been vocal about the 18 concussions he’s suffered, his bad knees and knee replacement surgeries and his problems with cysts on his vocal cords and asthma.

Posted by:Billy Nilles