kelly osbourne luke worrall 2 Meet Elle Schneider: Kelly Osbourne's twitter rant incited by transsexual mistressAfter Kelly Osbourne and fiance Luke Worrall split, she went on a Twitter rant that made us cringe in secondhand embarrassment.

“Luke Worrall is the biggest piece of s***, he has been trying to get
back with me, I only came home for Xmas to see him. Meanwhile, he has
been f***ing hundreds of girls as well as men behind my back,” she tweeted

Ouch. Enter Elle Schneider, who recently came forward to Us Magazine (click for a photo) about her affair with Worrall. Schneider, born Reynaldo Gonzalez, is a pre-op MTF transsexual awaiting gender reassignment surgery. She met Worrall over a year ago in New York City, and they spent the night together in her hotel room.

Schneider tells the mag that Worrall was aware of her pre-op status when they went home together. “He was definitely not turned off by it at any point. In fact, he was turned on. He made it very obvious,” she says. She maintains that she wasn’t aware Worrall was in a relationship.

After their one-night stand, the two lost touch until Worrall reached out to Schneider via Twitter and Skype. They reunited in London last December — and when Osbourne found out about their rendezvous, she took to Twitter.

Later, Osbourne reached out to Schneider via Facebook to discuss the situation, and the two have since become friends. “I gave her an idea of who I was. I was never mean, I was never doubtful
so she had to say I always believed in her. And I was always there
to listen when she would cry or call me. And she told me ‘you know I
understand what he sees in you and I respect that,” says Schneider.

Schneider and Worrall kept in touch, but she decided to break their contact last weekend after discovering that he was sexually involved with other people.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie