jeremy lin gi Meet Jeremy Lin: Knicks guard from Harvard has New York suffering from Lin sanityThis has been one heck of a week for Jeremy Lin.

The point guard for the New York Knicks, who signed with the team at the start of the regular season after being cut by the Houston Rockets, has risen from a few-minutes-a-game bench player to the toast of the league over the past seven days. Not bad for a guy from Harvard.

Lin is one of only a handful of players from Harvard ever to see playing time in the NBA, and also one of the few Asian-American players the league has ever seen. The 6-foot-3, second-year player from Palo Alto, Calif., has been on fire for the last four games — all Knicks wins — averaging 28.5 points per game, including dropping 38 on the Los Angeles Lakers on Friday (Feb. 10).

That’s after scoring a total of 32 points in the previous nine games he played for the Knicks. He averaged just 2.6 points in 29 games with the Golden State Warriors last season.

Lin’s exploits have made him an instant star in New York. He’s owned the back cover of both the Post and the Daily News for the past three days, and headline writers are having a field day making puns with his name (“The mighty Lin,” “Lincredible,” “Lin your face”).

“Things are changing so much,” Lin tells the Post. “Everyone wants to talk to me and my family. We’re very low-key people and private people, so sometimes it’s a little tough.”

As long as the Knicks keep winning with Lin, he’ll be OK.

Posted by:Rick Porter