nancy shevell oct 2010 gi Meet Nancy Shevell, Paul McCartney's American sweetheartIt’s over 40 years too late for news of a Beatle’s upcoming nuptials to cause hundreds of thousands of hearts to break around the world simultaneously. Yet we still feel some national pride that Paul “the cute one” McCartney has come stateside for his choice of wife No. 3. Planning a fall wedding, interest is understandably piqued in McCartney’s American fiancee, Nancy Shevell.

Shevell, 51 (17 years younger than McCartney), was born in New Jersey and has had a successful career in the trucking industry, serving on New York’s M.T.A. board for a decade. Not exactly the kind of life one would expect to lead to being romanced by an international pop star. Good thing her second cousin is Barbara Walters.

According to the New York Observer, after McCartney’s second marriage to Heather Mills ended in a very public and disastrous fashion, Walters took to having dinner parties full of people she though McCartney would like to meet. These invitees included Shevell and Rosanna Arquette (side note: how bonkers of a couple would they have made?).

And while second wife Mills notoriously didn’t get along with McCartney’s daughter Stella, Shevell has made a point of wearing and being photographed in fashion designer Stella’s clothes often.

“It’s just not that intriguing. Not like his last marriage, which was really intriguing,” the largely press-shy Shevell tells The Observer. “I’m over 50. I work. That’s it. I haven’t been social and I have a small group of girlfriends. There really isn’t much to talk about.”

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