bitcoin baby Meet the first Bitcoin babyBitcoin is a virtual currency that has been slowly making its way into the financial markets as of late, with 11 million bitcoins in circulation that are valued at around $1.4 billion. Now CNN Money has met the man who helped deliver the first Bitcoin baby.

Dr. C. Terence Lee is an OBGYN in California who is also a technophile. He became interested in Bitcoin as a form of currency and has started letting patients use that to pay for his services. Most aren’t interested because they simply don’t know what Bitcoin is, but Lee hit the jackpot (so to speak) with a couple whom he helped conceived three babies.

They paid for the fertility treatments for baby no. 4 with bitcoins. Dr. Lee gave them a half-off discount because he was so eager to try it out.

He had to find a currency converter, eventually using the now-defunct CryptoXChange service in Australia to convert the couple’s $1000 to bitcoins. It came out to about 30 bitcoins, which now is worth $3,600.

And the couple has a happy new baby (pictured above). But it is far from the last bitcoin baby.

“On the Friday before I came here, we did an ultrasound on a patient who paid with bitcoin,” he said at the Bitcoin conference earlier this year. “We may also have the world’s first bitcoin twins.”

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