vicki gunvalson bravo Meet Vicki Gunvalson's not so new man: Is Brook Ayers a deadbeat dad?“Real Housewives of Orange County” star Vicki Gunvalson recently expressed her regrets to the press about any pain she caused her ex-husband, Donn, by revealing personal details about their relationship to the public. She isn’t still hung up on Donn, though — in fact, she’s rumored to have moved on to new boyfriend Brook Ayers while she and Donn were still together.

In 2010, Ayers was arrested twice for failing to pay his child support. At the time, Gunvalson wrote a letter to the judge in Ayers’ case, asking for her friend to be released from custody. (He was also arrested for D.U.I. in 2009, and his then-girlfriend is still waiting to be paid back for his bail money.)

On Sunday’s “Watch What Happens” on Bravo, host Andy Cohen asked Gunvalson about Ayers. “The media doesn’t tell the whole truth,” she said, but she did say that she knew about Ayers’ past troubles with the law. “I knew everything. There wasn’t any secrets and lies.”

Cohen questioned Gunvalson about “Real Housewives of OC’s” resident bad-boy, Slade Smiley, who Gunvalson’s BFF Tamra Barney regularly confronts about his neglected child support payments. “If the viewers saw me the last year, I never talked about Slade,” Gunvalson says. “It’s his business and his life and I don’t want him in mine. Tamra is my best friend. I personally would not have gone that far. I don’t want people in my business.”

She also confirmed that she is still in love with Ayers, despite the revelations about his past in the media. Awesome.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie