megan fox facebook botox Megan Fox posts pics to prove she hasn't used BotoxAttention: The apparently desperate for attention Megan Fox posted a series of four pictures to her Facebook page on Thursday (July 7) to prove to the world that she has not used Botox. (As a colleague points out, she leaves silicone and collagen out of the equation.)

In the photos, Fox displays a range of emotions — she is an actress, after all — from surprised to self-satisfied. One shot also zooms in on Fox’s forehead, which appears to be frowning. We get that it wouldn’t be possible with Botox but based on the pic, we’re not sure that would be possible without PhotoShop, either.

Why did Fox post this now? We’re not sure. Could it be she’s feeling a little neglected since “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” is currently racking up big box office bucks and she’s not a part of the franchise anymore?

In any case, the idea is hardly original. Teri Hatcher did the same thing last year.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson