Fox News has debuted a new animation for its “Fox News Alert,” but apparently didn’t consult “America Live” anchor Megyn Kelly first. The graphic came on as Kelly was about to introduce a segment about the “fiscal cliff,” but she ended up getting distracted by how jarring and apparently frightening the new animation was.

“That was a new alert. The animation, it scared me a little bit,” Kelly admits in the above video, giggling as she tries to compose herself. She seemingly recovers and makes a great segue by saying, “Maybe we should be scared, because the clock is ticking down right now to the so-called ‘fiscal cliff.'”

But Kelly wasn’t over the situation just yet. She welcomed Fox News editor Chris Stirewalt as a guest commentator, but couldn’t resist asking him about his opinion on the animation. “I was a little frightened. I was afraid something really, really bad was happening instead of just the standard badness,” he jokes.

Kelly’s final word on the matter? “It’s terrifying!” Our definitions of “terrifying” might differ a bit, but Kelly’s entire response to the situation is priceless.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz