oksana mel gibson grigorieva getty Mel Gibson on Oksana Grigorieva's music: 'Horrible'

File this story under “N” for “not surprising in the least bit.”

Sure, Mel Gibson has said a lot of mean things about his ex Oksana Grigorieva. Sure, a lot of them were on tape.  But now, an equally vile recording has been released online — a 30-second clip of Oksana’s music.

Sources tell TMZ that Mel is “embarrassed” to have supported Oksana’s attempts at a music career. And support them he did — it’s not very often you get an Oscar-winning director like Mel to helm your music video for “Beautiful Heartache.”

But there’s nothing beautiful about this clip of Oksana’s warbling, which Mel privately told TMZ’s sources he believes to be “horrible.” At least she got that multi-million dollar settlement, right? Oh wait. Ouch…

You can listen to a clip from the song here, but be warned. It’s not funny bad — it’s just regular bad.

Posted by:janderson