mel gibson angry Mel Gibson threatens to burn the house down. But first, oral sex?The seemingly never-ending supply of tapes of Mel Gibson‘s vile rants against Oksana Gregorieva continues.

On Wednesday (July 14)  Radaronline released a fourth audio tape of a phone conversation between the embattled couple. This time Mel is screaming and swearing, puffing and panting, about the fact that Oksana dared to fall asleep before performing oral sex on him. There are other complaints but that seems to be the biggest one.

]]>Jodie Foster‘s new black comedy “Beaver.” He plays a deluded dude who believes his beaver hand puppet is real. Now some Hollywood insiders doubt the film will ever be released. You can watch my interview and thoughts on what’s next for Mel Gibson on the “Entertainment Tonight” website. But I’m interested in your point of view. Do you think Mel Gibson’s movie career can survive these horrifying tapes? Will you ever be able to watch his movies (remember his bellowing “You’ll never take our freedom!” battle scene in “Braveheart”) without hearing these vile recordings in your head?   Here’s a poll. But feel free to leave your personal comments and check back to find out what other Zap readers think. Follow Zap2it on Twitter and Zap2it on Facebook for the latest TV, movie and celebrity news. Photo credit: Getty Images  

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead