melissa joan hart abc family gi Melissa Joan Hart endorses Mitt Romney, gains 15,000 Twitter followers

For any undecided voters who were standing by for the official “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch” endorsement, you may now head to the polls.
Melissa Joan Hart, who now stars opposite Joey Lawrence on “Melissa & Joey,” says she’s voting for Mitt Romney. After she tweeted the announcement, she gained 15,000 Twitter followers and got a lot of hate mail.
In response, Hart tweeted, “So let me get this straight… I have the right to chose an abortion but not the right to vote for whomever I chose? #election2012”
Hart had earlier tweeted, “Finish this sentence for me… Being a republican in Hollywood is like being…..????” When a fan replied “Unemployed,” Melissa retweeted and added: “Good thing my show got renewed!”

Melissa clarified she considers herself more of a conservative than a Republican, “But overall I am just American!”
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